NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Customization

If you have, or are considering using NetSuite then you have come to the right place. We are NetSuite website experts.

NetSuite is the world's most popular on-demand, integrated, CRM/ERP (customer relation management /enterprise resource planning) solution for growing and mid-sized companies. NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system. It is feature-rich and can be easy to use.

But that doesn't mean you have to learn how to set up and code the website. This page goes over different ways to customize NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced and specifics on how we handled various customization needs & requests. Our customizations are found nowhere else and can set your site apart, fix an problematic functionality issue, or make your site easier to use. Give us a call. From USA call: 302.304.8404.

Types of Customizations

Even though NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced is very feature-rich, we can add features and customizations. We can add to your home page, your category and item list pages, item detail template, your cart / checkout & customer center, and modify or replace the item suggestion on search. Continue below for more.

Home Page Multiple Featured Categories

We've been creating customized home pages for NetSuite users for years. Anything you've seen on any other site we can add to your NetSuite homepage. Our most popular customization is the ability to have more than one category of featured items on the home page. We've taken this request and stepped it up to be even more feature-rich & responsive, and now it's available for SuiteCommerce Advanced users.

We start by taking the special category or saved search that you've set up for home page use. Our custom scripts run each day, or every few hours depending upon your needs, and creates the HTML for the section. That HTML is instantaneously added when the home page loads. The items are organized into sections and sliders based on available screen width. (two per slide for handhelds, up to six for desktops). Item cells use our unique "rubberbanded" table cells, so they always look great!

The result is your home page can have always changing item sliders from multiple categories, saved searches or even custom records. (Like what you see on Amazon) We can style the item cells to match your current site's look, and even add unique customizations like promotional elements or pricing display. Item order can be manually or programmatically selected by you or we can randomize what comes first.

Though normally items from presentation or saved search categories are used, we can add content via a custom record search. See the Brands display at this sample site.

Item Detail Customizations for SCA

Your item detail page is usually where your customers make their purchase decision. Our unique customizations make it easier for them to get the information they need, add the item to the cart, and even make additional purchases. Read on if you want to increase sales.

Our floating-header-on-scroll functionality displays when a user scrolls past the add to cart button on both desktop and handhelds. (most useful on handhelds) It contains a thumbnail, item name & price and optionally a brief description or product ID. On the right is an Add To Cart button. This way the item can be added to the cart from anywhere on the page. Once an item is added to the cart, that button can be changed into a Checkout button for viewing the cart. This makes it real easy for your customers to add items to the cart, as they read your details and specifications lower on the page. (if you use our custom-code for swapping out the main image for the matrix child image, it changes here, too. Use our miniCart, it can display just under when item is added)

For matrix items we have a few unique customizations. If you have matrix items that have some of the possible selections being for invalid items, we can help. Our exclusive code determines which matrix options are valid as options are selected, disabling the invalid options. Updates on-the-fly and can handle up to 8 item options and the NetSuite limit of 2000 child items. Call us and we can show it to you in action.

Some implementations of SCA provides you with the functionality to change the main image when a matrix option is selected. (if you don't have it and need it, we can add it) We can also add the ability to change item specifications, UPC, model numbers, and extra images when an item option is selected. Let your customers know exactly the information they need in before adding the item to the cart.

One more unbelievable customization: display items with the same color when a matrix color is selected. This is super cool and the way we do it, results display immediately upon color selection. Scripts gather info about all your colors and the items that use them, even matrix children, each morning. If you deal with lots of items and color is a big part of your items, give us a call. Also works with non-matrix items!

Item Suggestion / Typeahead on Search

Item Suggestion / Typeahead systems are now part of every modern website and a simple version is included in SuiteCommerce Advanced. If you'd like to have a different look to the item suggestion or would like to have more customized, controlled results, give us a call. There are a few simple updates we can make to the basic scripts that run the type-ahead you have. And that could be enough. But if you need something more, we got you covered. We can add a secure, fast system to your NetSuite website that is tailored to your needs. Keeping the data secure, up-to-date and relevant.

Our item suggestion / typeahead system works with your existing SCA website, is secure, and have features no one else offers. Once we set it up, maintenance is automatic. Content is updated as you need, usually daily.

All data is kept in the secure confines of YOUR NetSuite account and files in your Live Hosting Files. Nothing leaves your control, ever. But best of all there are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees!

Features include: Item suggestion with or without images. Multiple display or sort fields; even your custom fields. Multiple tests -- if display name or itemid does not provide a full list results, keywords or other fields seamlessly kick in. Need to limit what is shown based on the logged in account group or status, we can do that, too. Cool.

See Item Suggestion on Search - SCA to find out more information and to see examples. Then give us a call to discuss your needs. From USA call: 302.304.8404.

NetSuite Advanced Cart, Checkout and Customer Center

NetSuite has spent years developing and improving upon their latest cart / checkout / customer center. The current version is excellent with all sizes of screens –- from desktops to mobile handhelds -- and is designed to allow for easier updating in the future.

It is controlled via hundreds of modules of text, JavaScript files, and server pages. All text is customizable via an external JavaScript file. Item cells are modifiable and can be added to with standard or custom item record fields. The checkout can be organized into multi-page or single-page checkout. If you need help with simple customizations to your cart, checkout or customer center: give us a call.

We've spent years adding features to NetSuite's cart and checkout, and this latest setup allows us to add even more customizations. For instance, if you have custom images for your matrix child items for the color of that item, we can show that item's color on the cart AND the checkout. No one else offers this customization!

We've added custom item field data and used those to calculate and change functionality and messages (for instance, hide a shipping method if an item in the cart cannot ship via USPS). We also removed un-needed standard features and functionality, re-arranged what is displayed in the item cells, added custom messages as needed, changed styles, and other functionality changed or updated. Give us a call.

General Functional Customizations with JavaScript & NetSuite SuiteScript

If you find your current implementation a little limiting, scripts can be used to change the functionality & content display even more. Generally, two types of scripts are used: JavaScript runs on the web page and NetSuite SuiteScripts run on the server.

For instance; if you want to display a sale price with a strike-thru price and a percent calculation of the sale savings you would gather the online price as normally, and add in a tag for a base price level. Then on page-load a JavaScript script runs the needed calculations, creates the HTML and displays it on your site. (like items on this page) Every site we work on has something similar happening; possibilities are endless!

We can also call a "SuiteScript" that resides on the server to gather even more information about the page.

Let's say that when a matrix option is selected, you want to display that option's part number, specifications, and a custom image (matrix children records don't contain NetSuite's normal image fields) and only make it available if inventory at one of your "inventory locations" was above a certain level. We'd use an AJAX request to gather that information via a SuiteScript, that returns a JSON object that a custom JavaScript uses to prepare that data and change the elements when appropriate. Easy, right?

For us it is. We've been doing such customizations for NetSuite users for years and chances are, whatever you want done, we've done it before. Give us a call.

View Our NetSuite SiteBuilder Portfolio

Since 2004 we've been building world-class websites for NetSuite SiteBuilder users – adding unique styling and customizations. View our portfolio to see for your self.

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Item Suggestion / Typeahead Search ***
  • Custom Dropdown Navigation
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • NetSuite Left Links Customized
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Quick Order with Item ID
  • Reorder Lists
  • Site-wide Compare Items
  • Homepage Animations
  • Homepage Multiple Featured Items Sliders
  • Site-wide Wholesale Users
  • Latest Cart & Checkout Customizations
  • Cart Shows Matrix Option Thumbnail
  • Disallow Duplicate Accounts
  • Auto-select Credit Card Type
  • Return to Page After Login
  • Show Invoices on My Account
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • Responsive Cells *
  • "Quick View" Pop-up
  • Promotional Icons
  • Color Swatches for Matrix Items
  • Unique Filtering/Facets **
  • Group by Item Groups
  • Items Added Pop-Up Box
  • Customized Pricing Display
  • Display Over 50 Items
  • Use Inventory "Locations"
  • Thumbnail animation on hover
  • Multiple Add-To-Cart
  • Shop By Brand
  • Shop By Color
  • Kit Items On-the-fly
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Add-To-Cart Header on Scroll
  • Display morphs based upon...
  • Multiple Item Images with Zoom
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
  • Matrix Selection Swaps Images / Specs
  • Matrix Selection Disables Invalid Options
  • Select Color Options via Thumbnail
  • Show Same Colored Items on Matrix selection
  • Specifications from Custom Item Fields
  • Tabs for Overview, Reviews, Specs, etc.
  • Links to Item's Other Categories
  • Add Multiple Additional Options To Cart
  • Responsive Sliding Related Items
  • "Faux-Matrix" Items
  • Link to PDF downloads
  • Kit Items On-the-fly

*Responsive Cells: We create responsive item list cells completely differently than anyone else. The cells expand horizontally until an additional cell can be added. It is graceful and barely noticeable. Our cells also expand vertically, meaning you can have different amounts of information in each cell, yet ALL the cells in any given row are all the same height. Finally, our method encourages two cells per row on handhelds in portrait mode, instead of everyone else's single cell per row. Makes shopping easier. And best of all they still use normal NetSuite SiteBuilder templates and layouts. Check them out; our responsive item list cells are fantastic!

**Unique Filtering/Facets Our filters work on the item list or category list level. Items displayed can be filtered by any custom item field, or by price range. Unlike every other filtering system you've seen, our system updates content immediately, without additional server requests. Every category is maintained the standard NetSuite method you currently use: it's just now you have filters/facets. Totally responsive – working great on handhelds! All data stays internal to NetSuite so your business data is secure and under your control - always - with NO EXTRA MONTHLY FEES. (All the data is pre-rendered via daily scripts.) In handheld mode the filters display like a typical 'hamburger' navigation.

***Item Suggestion / Typeahead Search Immediately displayed dropdown of item suggestions or type-ahead search phrases on your normal NetSuite global search. NO EXTRA MONTHLY FEES.


We can make NetSuite SiteBuilder websites be fully responsive, yet be internal to NetSuite using the normal layouts and templates.



We can customize your NetSuite SiteBuilder templates to add ANYTHING you can need. Unique, effective and easy to maintain.



Want a more customized Shopping Cart and Checkout? Let us install NetSuite's latest & your handheld users can purchase with ease.