Facets / Filtering for NetSuite SiteBuilder

You have 1000s of items and you want your users to easily select between them AND you want a facet / filtering system that works within your existing NetSuite SiteBuilder site templates. This is what you need. We've been building custom template filtering systems for our customers for years. Everything we learned on coding, maintaining, and using facets / filters for category & item list pages we've put into this NetSuite bundle: Wuebben Design Facet/Filtering for SiteBuilder.

Our filters work with your existing SiteBuilder website, are secure, and have features no one else offers. Once we set it up, you can easily maintain your filters, add-to, and re-arrange the display of your facets. Content is updated as you need, usually daily. All data is kept in the secure confines of YOUR NetSuite account and files in your Live Hosting Files. Nothing leaves your control, ever. But best of all there are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees!

Our filters are not navigation nor does it replace your current navigation structure with a single page: you maintain your categories normally. (Good for SEO) Filters and facets automatically display based on the current category's items custom item fields data. If you currently have a deep category structure, you can significantly reduce you category depth since our filters remove the need for a deep category structure. This makes it much easier for your users to find exactly what they need. Item cells can look and behave like your current cells, or let us update them to something more modern. Any number of items display on one page, or let your users decide. We've added a more feature-rich sorting, too: Price, Name, Brand, Item ID.

Read below to find out more information and to see examples. Then give us a call to discuss your needs. From USA call: 302.304.8404.

Fast, Secure, Responsive, and Easy To Maintain & Update

Fast -

All data is pre-rendered instead of requested on-the-fly and is saved in browser LocalStorage. When attributes are selected, item results display immediately with no additional server requests. Nothing is faster than 'immediately'!

Secure -

All pre-rendered data is stored in your NetSuite account in the Live Hosting Files, keeping your data secure and under your control. The files that configure and display the filters and facets are in the same folder. SuiteScripts that pre-render the data are kept in your SuiteScript folder. Your filtering data is not 'held hostage' to a monthly or yearly payment but under your exclusive control.

Responsive -

Now that every SiteBuilder website we build is totally responsive even our facets / filters have to be. We've come up with techniques that allow your handheld users to select filter attributes to narrow down what they see. Our filter cells use our exclusive variable-width item cell system that is just magical. *

Easy To Maintain & Update -

Our filters contain a user defined configuration file that you can change. A video walks you through the most often changed parts so you can add or delete a filter (no limit on the number), re-arrange them, change price and other ranges, add custom fields, saved searches and even modify the display cell (if you know HTML and JavaScript), and add/modify custom actions to take place. Variables are understandable & commented. We aren't trying to show you how clever we are with JavaScript by writing abstruse, minimized code; we just want you to be able to maintain things on your own. (...if you want. We are always available if you need us!)

Details of Features

Installation Process

We first install a complex set of NetSuite SuiteScripts (via a bundle) and set them to run daily. They gather and pre-render your category and item data. This data is saved in your Live Hosting Files and is used when a web page loads. We then copy your current templates, adjust as needed, add our exclusive code & HTML, then create temporary test pages. This way you can see the filters working before they go live on your site. Adjustments to look-and-feel, and filters are made as you request. Once everything is as you want, new category and item list category templates are created and installed on your site. (We usually recommend a new theme so your old site theme is not touched)

The filters can be added to the left sidebar or directly in the category template, depending on how your site is currently set up. Item list cells can use any standard NetSuite field and any custom field you've created. They can also have additional custom calculations for "savings", showing promotional elements, stock messages or even extra or external images from a CDN.

Filters can be sourced from any custom or standard item record fields: Select, text, number, or checkboxes. For price and number values, ranges can be easily added (eg. 1500 to 2500 rpm).

Maintaining the Filter Data

Scripts run each morning (or more or less often if desired) that gather all the category and item data, creates a JSON object for each category and places a filterData____.js file in a folder in the Live Hosting Files. Our JavaScript code on your SiteBuilder templates read those files to create the filters and the item cells. As you add & update categories & items, that new content is added at the next data update.

A web-page on your site allows you to easily run a script that immediately updates one category of data, if needed. In your customers' browser, this data is stored in LocalStorage for no longer than a day.

In Use On Your Site

Once the filters are live on your site, all your customers will see them. They will be able to select attributes and results display immediately. The filters display on item list category pages or their immediate higher level category list pages. If on the parent category list page, then all the items in the immediate item list categories data are used and displayed. This makes having a flatter category structure possible. See a sample category list page here

Item counts appear on each attribute, even after selection so your users can quickly see what you have. Attributes of matrix child items are included in the counts. For instance, if you have matrix child items with sizes of 2", 3", 4" & 6" and those child items have your 'size' custom field filled in, all those sizes will be added to the facets, and upon selection the parent item displayed. This will work for any matrix items where you fill in the custom item fields on the child record. The item cell can even show the child item thumbnail image upon selection. See Kids Safety Classes here

Notice in the above URL the filters automatically filled in and displayed specific content? Attribute selection is saved in the URL. How cool is that?

Item cells can be feature-rich, depending upon your needs. A customized add to cart functionality is included. It uses AJAX to add items to the cart, and gets a return when the item has been added. This way the user can stay on the page, and we can get notification of a successful add, then change the status of the add to cart button, or optionally show a mini cart or other message like a standard notification. (We have a very robust Mini Cart bundle also available.)

Other Features

Filtered content (filtered cells, sorting dropdown, custom pagination, display count) can show immediately on page-load, or after a filter has been selected. Your normal NetSuite generated data is still on the page (for Google to find and utilize). We assume that you’ll want the filters on every category but if there are some you don’t, a simple tag substitution set to “no” will disable the filters for just that category.

How We Are Different From Others

Native to NetSuite -

All data our scripts generate are stored within your secure NetSuite account. All code files and scripts we add are in your NetSuite account and only you have access to them.

Works With SiteBuilder -

Our systems works exclusively with NetSuite SiteBuilder websites.

Results are NOT on a single page -

Other external systems place all the filtered results on a single page. This is terrible for SEO. Our system uses your current categories and URLs. Search engines 'see' your site as they currently do.

No monthly or yearly fees -

No monthly or yearly fees. No monthly or yearly fees. We can't stress this enough. We don't store or manipulate your data externally to NetSuite so we don't have servers to maintain. You get the benefit the cost savings.

You can update and maintain -

Our filters contain a user defined configuration file that you can change. We'll supply you with a video showing you how to make simple updates with a text editor. (If you want. We are always available if you need us!)

Pricing and How To Order

Pricing for the Wuebben Design Facets/Filtering for SiteBuilder bundle is $4000 plus up to $1000 for setup and installation. Setup is billed at my normal hourly rate of 155€ or US$185 (you can pay in either). You are only billed for the time it takes, up to $1000. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees for this filtering system. After installation, any requested changes and updates done by us are billed at our normal rates.

To sign up, give us a call so we can go over your needs and make sure our system will work for you. From USA call: 302.304.8404. Before we start a small deposit is requested up front and two more payments will be billed as the project progresses with the final invoice after the filters are live on your site. Normally, it takes about two weeks to install all the files, test the data, create and tweak the test pages for you to approve, and put the filters live.

Saved Searches, Matrix Items & Optional Extras

Many SiteBuilder sites use NetSuite Saved Searches to automatically fill in item data into categories. Our filters can work with Saved Searches, but a little bit of extra setup is required. The saved search category itself does not contain items, but a search ID field. Though you can "see" that search ID field in the category record, the SuiteScript scripts we use cannot. It's one of the few fields NetSuite does not allow SuiteScript access to. So, we fill in the Saved Search ID fields in the user-defined configuration file. If your whole site uses saved searches, this could take extra installation time and could possibly lead to an additional fee. We'll supply you with a video showing how to add saved search IDs yourself after our installation process is complete.

Matrix child items work really well with our filters but we need to mention again, how colors can be utilized in your filters. Our filters do not use your item option fields when gathering data: how could we "know" what each option represented? And, you may have multiple fields for the same option name (some of our clients have over 20 different color item option fields). If you want "Color" to be a filter, you will need to make a custom item field for Color. You'll have to fill in your non-matrix items with that field AND each matrix child record. You don't need to fill in the matrix parent item. Then, when that color is selected as a filter attribute, the parent item will be displayed. This can work with any of your custom or standard fields. ALSO, if you have a custom image field with the matrix child color filled in, we will display that color when that matrix color option is selected in the item cells generated by our filtering system. Super cool. (see below)

The user customization file allows us to include custom features just for you that may not be included in the normal bundle. Something we haven't thought about. Something really unusual. If so, there may be an extra installation cost. Tell us what you need and we'll let you know, well in advance, if such an additional installation fee is warranted.

NetSuite Advanced Cart, Checkout and Customer Center

NetSuite SiteBuilder has a basic cart and checkout turned on by default. There are limited customization possibilities and it is not responsive, so it is a good idea to upgrade. Fortunately, NetSuite offers a free download of the same cart /checkout / customer center that SCA uses, though modified for use with SiteBuilder. If you want your handheld users to more easily checkout and view your customer center, have us install & customize the latest SCA for SiteBuilder. Give us a call.

NetSuite has spent years developing and improving upon their latest cart / checkout / customer center. For SiteBuilder, they offer it as a free bundle. The current version is excellent with all sizes of screens –- from desktops to mobile handhelds -- and is designed to allow for easier updating in the future.

It is controlled via hundreds of modules of text, JavaScript files, and server pages. All text is customizable via an external file. Item cells are modifiable and can be added to with standard or custom item record fields. The checkout can be organized into multi-page or single-page checkout. It is near feature parity with SCA, is responsive, has more customization options; but it needs a few hours to install, add to your site, & customize to your exact needs. Give us a call.

We've spent years adding features to NetSuite's cart and checkout, and this latest setup allows us to add even more. For instance, if you have custom images for your matrix child items for the color of that item, we can show that color on the cart AND the checkout. No one else offers this feature! Give us a call.

View Our NetSuite SiteBuilder Portfolio

Since 2004 we've been building world-class websites for NetSuite SiteBuilder users – adding unique styling and customizations. View our portfolio to see for your self.

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Item Suggestion / Typeahead Search ***
  • Custom Dropdown Navigation
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • NetSuite Left Links Customized
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Quick Order with Item ID
  • Reorder Lists
  • Site-wide Compare Items
  • Homepage Animations
  • Homepage Multiple Featured Items Sliders
  • Site-wide Wholesale Users
  • Latest Cart & Checkout Customizations
  • Cart Shows Matrix Option Thumbnail
  • Disallow Duplicate Accounts
  • Auto-select Credit Card Type
  • Return to Page After Login
  • Show Invoices on My Account
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • Responsive Cells *
  • Unique Filtering/Facets **
  • "Quick View" Pop-up
  • Promotional Icons
  • Color Swatches for Matrix Items
  • Group by Item Groups
  • Items Added Pop-Up Box
  • Customized Pricing Display
  • Display Over 50 Items
  • Use Inventory "Locations"
  • Thumbnail animation on hover
  • Multiple Add-To-Cart
  • Shop By Brand
  • Shop By Color
  • Kit Items On-the-fly
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Add-To-Cart Header on Scroll
  • Display morphs based upon...
  • Multiple Item Images with Zoom
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
  • Matrix Selection Swaps Images / Specs
  • Matrix Selection Disables Invalid Options
  • Select Color Options via Thumbnail
  • Show Same Colored Items on Matrix selection
  • Specifications from Custom Item Fields
  • Tabs for Overview, Reviews, Specs, etc.
  • Links to Item's Other Categories
  • Add Multiple Additional Options To Cart
  • Responsive Sliding Related Items
  • "Faux-Matrix" Items
  • Link to PDF downloads
  • Kit Items On-the-fly

*Responsive Cells: We create responsive item list cells completely differently than anyone else. The cells expand horizontally until an additional cell can be added. It is graceful and barely noticeable. Our cells also expand vertically, meaning you can have different amounts of information in each cell, yet ALL the cells in any given row are all the same height. Finally, our method encourages two cells per row on handhelds in portrait mode, instead of everyone else's single cell per row. Makes shopping easier. And best of all they still use normal NetSuite SiteBuilder templates and layouts. Check them out; our responsive item list cells are fantastic!

**Unique Filtering/Facets Our filters work on the item list or category list level. Items displayed can be filtered by any custom item field, or by price range. Unlike every other filtering system you've seen, our system updates content immediately, without additional server requests. Every category is maintained the standard NetSuite method you currently use: it's just now you have filters/facets. Totally responsive – working great on handhelds! All data stays internal to NetSuite so your business data is secure and under your control - always - with NO EXTRA MONTHLY FEES. (All the data is pre-rendered via daily scripts.) In handheld mode the filters display like a typical 'hamburger' navigation.

***Item Suggestion / Typeahead Search Immediately displayed dropdown of item suggestions or type-ahead search phrases on your normal NetSuite global search. NO EXTRA MONTHLY FEES.


We can make NetSuite SiteBuilder websites be fully responsive, yet be internal to NetSuite using the normal layouts and templates.



We can customize your NetSuite SiteBuilder templates to add ANYTHING you can need. Unique, effective and easy to maintain.



Want a more customized Shopping Cart and Checkout? Let us install NetSuite's latest & your handheld users can purchase with ease.