Christmas Done Bright

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The ultimate in seasonality, this site has used NetSuite for years and we were there at the beginning. Their desire is for a simple design with few bells and whistles. The header contains a search bar, easily changed promotion bar, and shopping cart link (with neat cart count) and our Mini Cart.

The item list cells must have a black background to be able to display their products properly. Some of their products are horizontal, and some are vertical, so our unique Responsive Cell* design works out really well. (Actually, we came up with the concept and code initially due to the need of this site. (View this page, and change move your browser screen width to see what the fuss is about). The item detail page changes based on the type of item (vertical or horizontal) and shows sale price and optional extra images.

The cart, checkout and customer center use NetSuite's Reference Checkout 2.05, with a few customizations.

Wuebben Design Customizations Used

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • NetSuite Left Links Customized
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • Responsive Cells *
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Display morphs based upon...
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
*Responsive Cells: We create responsive item list cells completely differently than anyone else. The cells expand horizontally until an additional cell can be added. It is graceful and barely noticeable. Our cells also expand vertically, meaning you can have different amounts of information in each cell, yet ALL the cells in any given row are all the same height. Finally, our method encourages two cells per row on handhelds in portrait mode, instead of everyone else's single cell per row. Makes shopping easier. And best of all they still use normal NetSuite SiteBuilder templates and layouts. Check them out; our responsive item list cells are fantastic!